The Atlas

What is the future of water? How much water is available? Who doesn’t have any?

“Watergrabbing – an Atlas of Water” aims to provide a framework for examining the current the global water situation. The project outlines a number of substantive issues for today’s world, which is increasingly subject to the heavy pressure of climate change.

A targeted selection of countries illustrate examples of the major problems related to water systems: the impact of large dams, food sovereignty and the mining sector. Join us on this visual journey and learn about the concept of a common good and the human right to water, the connection between hoarding water and land, energy, conflicts over blue gold and excessive consumption.

This is a tool for students, researchers and social workers, but also for the general public, and anyone who wants to quickly and immediately visualize the complex phenomena related to water.

MAPS:   Riccardo Pravettoni


TEXTS & CONCEPTION:   Emanuele Bompan, Marirosa Iannelli

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