Watergrabbing, the Crowdfunding to support the right to water

Watergrabbing - A Story of Water is aimed to put water at the center stage in the public agenda. Climate Change, private interests, water scarcity are depriving million of people to their right to water. This large scale, multi media photo-journalistic project want to talk about this, using national newspaper, books, atlas, photo exhibition, photo catalogues to impress people and encourage policy maker and community organizer to take action. Water is a human right. Support the project!

Water grabbing or “water hoarding” refers to a situation in which powerful actors, public or private, are able to take control of or reallocate precious water resources for their own benefit, at the expense of local communities and ecosystems on which the communities’ livelihoods are based. Families driven from their villages to make room for mega dams, privatization of water sources, water pollution from industrial purposes that benefit few and harm the entire ecosystem. In what some call the world’s south, but also in some industrialized countries, water is transformed from a freely accessible common good to a private good controlled by those in power. Pressure mounts as the demand for water continues to grow because of increasing population, industrial growth in developing countries and the grip of climate change over our daily lives. Water is becoming a source of conflict and a scarce commodity that those in power hoard, even at the expense of others close by.

A group of journalists (Emanuele Bompan), photographers (Gianluca Cecere, Thomas Cristofoletti, Fausto Podavini), cartographers (Federica Fragapane and Riccardo Pravettoni) and researchers (Marirosa Iannelli, University of Genoa), are working on a project to show citizens and policy makers how water and water grabbing are becoming the drivers behind new conflicts and widespread injustice.

Thanks to the European Journalism Center (EJC), we were able to realize a part of this project. To complete it, we aim to find financing to match what we have already received.

With this, we can complete one of the greatest projects ever realized on a global level on the topic of water grabbing. For this we need your support to investigate watergrabbing in India and Brazil, two countries heavily affected by privatization and climate change. The project will create a true impact and will raise the issue of the Right to Water in public debate as well as in the political sphere with targeted presentations to the Chamber of Deputies, to United Nations offices and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From an educational point of view, the project will also be brought to schools and universities to talk about the water issue, using maps and infographics, and to show the issue’s critical connections.


You can help by buying the editorial products (books, atlas and photos) that will be the outcome of the project, once fully completed. The proceeds will be used to grow and complete the Watergrabbing project so that it can monitor developments on a global scale, and ensure visibility for important issues of social and environmental injustice, while allowing us to produce two new stories.

We have come to a great length, having already surveyed three countries. But we believe to give a better and more complex perspective we need to continue the investigation. Country like Brazil and India aren't easy to report from. But We have a long term expertise, we have been doing environmental journalism for over ten year, we have a great cartographic and infographic team who as been working for UN Agencies and international newspaper. Not reaching the goal might compromise the project. We cannot allow this to happen.

That's why we need you!